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+98 21 88208760
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+98 21 88208759
+98 21 88208759
+98 912 2059020
Manager Name
Mr. Ghanbar
Annual TurnOver
USD 5 Million - USD 25 Million
Number of Employees
Over 500
Founded In
#37, Ghobadian St., Valiasr Ave,Tehran19689,Iran
KARA SAZEH MATIN GROUP KSM: is a national recognized general construction co. including 10 subsidiaries factories, specializing in residential, commercial complex, road construction & sport facilities, For over 13 years we have delivered top quality projects on time and within budget by consistently utilizing communication, team coordination & advanced planning. We strive to provide our clients with superior levels of customer satisfaction, product quality, aggressive scheduling & competitive pricing. Superior quality and consistent results enable us to continue building an unparalleled reputation for excellence. We act as a partner to each project’s owner and architect in order to achieve reliable outcomes for our clients by consistently. This approach has helped us build our reputation as a trust-worthy construction company and has earned us as a solid base of repeat clients. We are also pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading diversified business group actively in various industrial fields in Iran and became fully operational on April 2003. Having the privilege of utilizing our own private facilities along with installation of the state of art equipments and large storage tanks (5200MT) on “SHAHID RAJAEE” port at “TRAFFIC SAHELI” free zone in Bandar Abbas, we are experiencing an unique position in regard to exporting a variety of Petrochemical and Chemical soluble specially BITUMEN AND OIL PRODUCTS IN BULK to our consumers all over the globe. The extra storage capacity consist of 10,000 MT is provided per our spacious facilities adjacent to BANDAR ABBAS Refinery located near by the Jetty, which also serves as a suitable place for weighting and preparation of Cargo Trucks before storing into the storage tanks or exporting via straight line loading into vessel. In order to cutting down the price we have established the following factories to be pioneer rather to our competitors a) Steel Factory: KSM, S Kavir-e- Damghan Factory: The factory was constructed in an area of about 100 acres near Damghan, Semnan Province. The production of steel is conducted in three stages: 1-Production of Sponge Iron from Iron ore. 2- Production of billet from sponge Iron. 3- Production of rebar & bar from billet Kavir-e- Damghan factory has an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons and creates about 1,200 onsite and 5,000 offsite jobs. The factory has also taken the environment into consideration; the design of the factory is such that minimizes the possible threats to the environment. b) Aggregate crushing factory: The sand and gravel factory of KSM Company was established in 2009 in an area of 60,000 Sqm with an aim to produce granulated gravel and sand. All the products are manufactured according to the standard construction rules and regulation. The factory was one of the first factories that managed to obtain the standard license from the standard and industrial research institute of Iran. The professional and committed staff of the factory use modern technologies, machinery and equipment to produce construction materials with a much more reliable quality. Also the quality control laboratory uses advanced methods and equipment to monitor and supervise the production process and guarantees the quality of the products in all sections. The products of our aggregate crushing factory are as follows. 1) Natural washed gravel 0-6 400 tons per day. 2) Washed grit 0-5 800 tons per day. 3) Macadam aggregate 12-25 400 tons per day. 4) Macadam aggregate 6-12 400 tons per day 5) Natural grit & Slit on demand. c) Stone Factory: KSM, s Stone factory was constructed in 2011 in area of about 11,000 sqm. The factory, with the help of its experienced specialist, can manufacture enough stone products to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign customers and has been able to achieve significant success since it was first established because it has always met the needs of its clients and has managed to provide them with excellent services. d) Concrete Factory: KSM, s Concrete factory was established in 2008 in an area of about 8,00 Sqm with a production capacity of about 74,000 meters, all the procedures of producing concrete are monitored and produced concrete meets the global standards. e) Concrete Block factory: The factory was established in 2010 in an area of 8,000 Sqm with the intention of establishing a complete unit for the production of concrete blocks equipped with modern machinery and equipment. f) EPS Factory: It was established in 2010, in an area of 850 sqm and the products are as follows 1- Light ceiling blocks ( 200x50x25cm) 2- Light ceiling blocks ( 200x50x20cm) 3- A variety of costume sized wall blocks 4- Middle clay blocks 5- Other blocks with required sizes 6- Plastofoam is mainly distinguished from other construction materials because it is light, resistance, secure against earthquakes, heat/ sound proof, easy and quick installation & cost effective. g) UPC window-door & double glazing Factory: KSM established its door and window production factory in 2010 in area of 8000 Sqm & has two sections (door/ window assembly and double glazing montage). Door & window production line with the capacity of 1,000 Sqm per month. Double glazing glass production capacity of 7,000 Sqm of glass per month. h) MDF factory: MDF factory was established in 2010 in order to manufacture the produce MDF cabinets & doors within the budget & was constructed in an area of about 400 Sqm with a production capacity of 300 doors and 450 meters of cabinet material per month.
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